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Sensor Creations, Inc.

Sensor Creations, Inc. (SCI) specializes in the development of high end monolithic CMOS image sensors and advanced ROICs for hybrid focal plane arrays. We offer design, fabrication and packaging of front- or backside illuminated devices with the option to use high resistivity silicon for applications where high NIR sensitivity is required.

SCI uses a fabless IC manufacturing approach with subsequent post processing and packaging. Examples of our demonstrated capabilities include: stitching, radiation hard design of pixels and CMOS circuits, processing of high resistivity silicon, wafer thinning, backside surface passivation, AR coating and application of transparent contact electrodes. In order to realize these advanced designs with first pass success, we rely on an extensive library of silicon proven IP. Examples of our IP blocks include: visible and ROIC pixels from 3 - 15 micron; biasing DACs and regulators; bandgap circuits; fully offset compensated low noise readout chain; 16b single ramp multi slope ADC, addressable serial interface, high speed serial LVDS I/O ports, ESD protected I/O pads; high-speed, low power clock generators and much more. For custom developments and product evaluation purposes we offer FPGA based test boards together with image and data acquisition software. Common high speed imaging interfaces like CameraLink, USB3.0, and CoaXPress can be supported.


Monolithic Backside Illuminated CMOS image sensors, High Dynamic Range Imaging, High performance ROICs for hybrid focal plane arrays, Science grade CMOS sensors